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TEKNOSERVIS - Maintenance, Measurement and Service

Erde, establishing a dynamic team by the help of its infra-structure and experienced and expert staff, provides a new vision to the sector with the purpose of putting an end to the difficulties that the establishments go through in technical and maintenance services.

In the establishments where there is an increasing competition and where productivity and costs become more of an issue day by day, TeknoServis has embraced all the works required to minimize the deductions, increase the productivity and reduce the costs as its vision and adopted security of life and property as its mission.

By the strength received from its group, its dynamic and expert staff and a wide range of measurement and control systems including energy analyses, earth meter, current potential, harmonic meter, thermal imaging and RCD analyses, TeknoServis offers a twenty-four-seven service.

In order to complete its vision TeknoServis also performs as the Turkish member of NETA (International Electrical Testing Association) to which world's biggest electricity testing and measurement firms are a member, and aims offering world class services to the establishments in search of exclusive and qualified service.

Services provided by TeknoServis division include:
  • Technical management services
  • Technical analyses of existing situation
  • Thermal visualisation services
  • Critical safety control services
  • Energy monitoring services
  • Energy-saving studies
  • Periodical maintenance services
  • Electrical facilities acceptance services
  • Full energy analysis
  • Optional controls and measurements
  • 7/24 On-call support and repair services

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