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Construction division is highly experienced in all content of electrical construction of every kind of building. Technical team, combining professional education with experience of years, able to make quick and accurate decisions targeting to reach timely results, signs prestigious projects with ERDE trademark.

Electrical Application Scope:

Medium Voltage System
  • Overhead Line Energy Transportation
  • Transformer Installation
  • M.V Switchgear Locations
  • Under Ground Cable Distribution
  • Above Ground cable Distribution
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Obtaining Energy Permission

Low Voltage System
  • Optimum Project Study
  • MCC/ Distribution Switchgear Location
  • Bus bar Installation
  • Power Cable Distribuition
  • Cable Trays and Suspension Systems

  • Power Factor Correction
  • Generator Set Location
  • Uninterruptable Power System Installation (UPS)

Lighting System
  • Outdoor/Indoor Lighting
  • Lighting Fixtures Installation
  • Cable/Bus bar Distribution
  • Lighting Distribution Board Location
  • Emergency Lighting System

Grounding / Lightning Protection Systems
  • Foundation Grounding
  • General Area Grounding
  • Faraday Cages Applications
  • Active Lightning Protection System

Automation / Instrumentation
  • Energy Control System
  • Building Automation
  • Lighting Automation
  • Energy Tracing System
  • Instrumentation and Proses Applications

Petrochemical / Refinery Electrical Systems
  • IEC/NEC Hazardous Area Implementations

ERDE Group, with more than 25 electrical engineers and more than 100 full time on-site construction personnel, represents an experienced staff that can handle all electrical applications that any structure requires.
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